Landscaping Lawn Brighton MI

Landscaping Lawn Brighton MI is a full-service landscaping company dedicated to providing our clients with landscape projects of their dreams, at reasonable costs for Brighton. When looking for tree removal services, you shouldn’t just hire any company. This type of work is highly technical. In the wrong hands, it can result in serious problems.

The qualified professionals of Timberline Landscape Service have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to assure trees are brought down safely without damaging building structures. Lawn Care Brighton professionals dispose of trees in a careful and efficient manner, minimizing waste and invasiveness in your landscape.

Landscaping Lawn Brighton MI.jpg

Let Timberline Landscaping Services help make Brighton a great place to live and work with our professional Landscaping services. With its highly skilled and licensed team, Timberline Outdoor and Landscaping Brighton Services can provide both preventative care and ongoing maintenance of trees, lawns, landscapes, parks, playgrounds, city buildings and other public or commercial properties in Brighton.

Maintaining a healthy lawn can be a difficult task especially in Howell Michigan. Proper soil conditions, thatch, sunlight, watering patterns, watering  frequency, fertilizer, pre- and post-emergent herbicides, and mowing patterns all affect how healthy your lawn looks. Landscaping Lawn Brighton MI specialize in identifying lawn and shrub types and addressing problems before they get expensive. Get on our full service lawn and landscape schedule and trust that your lawn is in good hands.


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