Why should I make a plan for my landscape

Landscaping plans are more complex than just deciding what plants to buy and where to plant them. It is a holistic approach to landscape design, including the use of great ideas, including well, covered cape, patios, walkways, pools and ponds, as well as plants and other horticultural additives. If your goal is a beautiful landscape, plans then a solid Timberline Landscaping and the services of a designer worth the investment and the time they need.

Landscape Ideas

According to the Howell Lawn Care One of the main reasons that it is important to develop a landscape plan before visiting the local nursery, is that there are more aspects to landscape design than most owners realize. The possibilities are truly amazing. Pergolas, ponds, flower gardens, botanical gardens, landscape lighting, terraces, patios, walls, roads, irrigation, swimming pools, spas, bars, awnings and fencing just scraping the surface of what your options are Is.


An extension of your home

The list is long, and hopefully gives you a general idea of ​​what’s going on in a proper landscape plan and consider what you want to include in your overall design. Remember that the landscape is not just the trees and shrubs. It is an extension of your home. And if done properly, can give ideas through an experienced contractor as Howell Landscaping and make sure they are implemented correctly, your external landscape is a place of your home that you want to spend more time or more, then the interior.

Hire designer landscape

If you want to run a landscaping contractor for all your landscape plans to see you carry out, or just looking for a consultation before bootstrapping a project one of the professionals is landscape planning is a must. They not only give you valuable ideas, but can give you good advice on how to install landscape, integrate and design to enhance your satisfaction with them. It may seem like a small feature, but installing an irrigation system that uses irrigation, drip irrigation, automatic timers, and integrates them into a great placement and garden design, You can work and time to keep your garden almost all. Howell Tree Service will give you the best and exceptional services.

This is just one example of what landscape planning can do for you. Covering the design, lighting options, attractive roads and living rooms, a garden designer can turn your garden boring boring, tedious time into an impressive and attractive addition to your home . For the best of your plan, talk to a contractor for your startup options.


How to hire a professional gardener?

In these times of economic uncertainty, everyone is always looking for that really a lot. The constant pursuit for the perfect gardener like Howell Lawn Care to maintain the landscape is no exception. The services of several gardeners vary widely and the lowest price does not always mean the best offer. Value and tranquility, as well as price, are important factors that you should consider when choosing a gardener.

The value of a gardener is ultimately determined by the total daily appearance of the garden he maintains. Ask when interviewing prospective gardeners each month what they do for you i.e mowing, blowing, trimming, fertilizing, etc. Good communication is very important. Be sure to tell your gardener what services you expect to do each month. Remember that you need more time to provide full service than weekly “mowing the lawn and blow”, so expect to pay more for mindfulness.

Evaluate your garden

Before meeting with a gardener, it is important that you evaluate your lawn and decide what you want in a gardener. Do you, for example, need only maintenance, for example mowing and pruning? Whether you need a gardener who has a great horticultural experience have your official garden? Lawn Care Toledo, will also give you the answer of your this question that why are you hiring the professional gardener?

Some things to keep in mind:

  • What style is your garden? What would you like to be?
  • English, Oriental, Forest, formal or informal to consider all types. And remember that you can only record the elements of each to create your own look. Anyway, having to hire someone with some experience or knowledge in these areas.
  • What does your garden area use?
  • Do you have garden parties? Is this a place of solitude for you? Will your children play in this area?

Install landscaping

  • Are there any special considerations?
  • Do you think this is an organic environment without pesticides?
  • Do you want to participate in the gardening process?
  • Gardening is an art. Do you completely want your gardener to rest? Or do you want this to be a mutual collaboration of ideas? Anyway, good communication is the key to making sure your garden is exactly as you wish.

The Gardeners of the Interview

It is useful if your gardener general knowledge of horticulture, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer and timer sprinkler system and repair. Without this knowledge and experience are the most likely mistakes. A small question at the rental point can save you a little on the way great disappointments (or disasters). So feel free to ask Howell Ttree Service  will love to guide you.

  • Once you have evaluated your garden, you should have a better idea of ​​what you want, so be sure to address these issues in the interview. Some other things to do:
  • Are your ideas realistic? The gardener another suggestion?
  • Remember to hire this person for their experience and knowledge.
  • How much?
  • If you do not have a budget yet, you’re better off now.
  • Own liability insurance and gardener’s safe work?
  • Otherwise, whatever happens on your property you will be responsible. Remember, a trusted gardener is likely to charge a little more, but it is ultimately worth it.

Top lawn care tips

A lush, manicured lawn can make a garden. But occasionally it may require a little extra care to keep it at its peak. When lawns are relatively thin, it is surprising how quickly you respond to care. Watering in summer can recreate a brown green lawn. Spiking samples do wonders for the grass to grow while growth of dead grass can turn a thin, sparse on a soft green carpet staggered area.

Howell Lawn Care suggests you to go to the garden center and see the great lawn tractors and mowers large bag of grass and grass seed. Spreader that can make it difficult to storage. And maybe you think this is the only one in the world with a small garden? The fact is that lawns are smaller because new homes are built on smaller plots. As a result, many more tools and equipment designed for all sizes of lawns.


Tools of different sizes

According to landscaping lawn Brighton mi rather large, heavy cutting energy, the use of a manual action of the machine reel. Ideal for use in the garden of 1,000 square meters or less, these mowers are so light, they are hung for storage. They make a great cut and routed. Make sure that you are looking for that you can adjust the cutting height 2½-3 inches.

Seeding opportunities for lawns

Many dealers in the market for large surfaces, but may not be practical for you. Fortunately, handheld transmitter. Timberline Outdoor Services Simple spreader designed with a small garden in the back. Ideal for applying seed, grass and other small areas.

Territory around lawns

A small lawn can cause a dramatic impact in shaping the landscape. It may even be enhanced by adding a bush or a good container as a focal point at the end. Some people have a mirror behind the bar mounted against a wall or fence to create the illusion of size. You can hire timberline outdoors and lawn care professional societies. Use your imagination and according to the grass, which is quite small.

Timberline Outdoors Services

Winter pruning tricks

If you have not completed your shifting leaves and shrubs, there is still time. Timberline Outdoor has a trick that helps you choose the sites that discard and retain it. First look at the tree or shrub that looks in the desired shape. The cataracts have different perspectives from different distances of a few meters away, and even see their canopy.

Now, instead of trimming, tie a small colored ribbon or rope around each branch or branch that you think you want to prune. Over the course of several days trying each time you step along the tree or shrub along different angles and different distances, you will ultimately want to remove the selected item.

Feel free to change your mind. If you are unsure of a limb you have selected, remove the tape and move it to another end. Re-evaluate your selection. A few days later you will get a better idea of ​​where you need to prune and prune your chances of success will increase greatly if you really do snitch, suggested by the timberline outdoors.


Other tasks to complete

  • Covers to prevent water from coming down from plants that drown.
  • Cut ornamental grass about 6 inches long.
  • Cut perennials almost to the ground.
  • Remove dead wood and sugars from evergreen trees and shrubs, and both markers.
  • Plant dormant trees and shrubs.
  • Move the plants inactive.
  • Dig and divide emergent perennials.
  • Exfoliating clay pots.
  • Cleaning Tools
  • Remove the leaves from the bottom of the ponds and other water sources.

We are a team of individuals that live in the community. That means we understand the turf, tree, shrub and snow issues of this area. Howell Lawn Care know the unique problems and challenges associated with this area and we know how to fix them. As the owner I am personally involved in the day to day activities of the company. I work directly with our team and clients like you. I, along with our team, am here to help.

Howell Lawn Care Services

With autumn almost upon us and fast approaching in the winter, chances are there is not a lot of time thinking about your lawn. But autumn, with colder temperatures and occasional showers, is the ideal time to prepare the lawn for next spring. Many owners think they need less lawn in the fall because the grass is slower. In fact, it’s the opposite. During this time of year the grass absorbs energy, moisture and nutrients abruptly to prepare for a long and tranquil winter. Give it some attention, and you will be rewarded with a lush, healthy spring grass.

According to the Howell Lawn Care Keep the water running and mow the lawn, if necessary, your lawn during the fall. Then, as the season comes to an end, let the blade of the lawn mower to its lowest level of the last two cuts of the year. This will allow more sunlight to reach the crown of the grass, and less the leaf will get a tan in the winter.

Aerate the floor

Autumn is an ideal time to listen to your lawn so that air, water and fertilizers can easily reach the roots of the grass. You can drive a gas, rent back lawn aerator for about $ 70 per day. The self-propelled machine will quickly pick up the holes in the ground and remove plugs. If you have a very large garden, say more than three or four acres and you sit down to air yourself, hire a construction contractor.

Travel Sheets

I am hitting the leaves or fun idea, but it is important to remove the fallen leaves as soon as possible from your lawn. Which have fallen to strike until all the leaves of the trees. If you do, the leaves are wet by rain and morning dew, they come together and form a dense mat that suffocate the grass when you are onbeweegd and species of fungi.

An alternative to hitting the leaves is to use a Lawn Care Howell equipped with a collection bag or vacuum cleaner. These methods are particularly effective if you have a very large garden with many trees. If using a rake or a lawn mower, make sure you remove the leaves until they are wet and suffocating debris.

Howell Lawn Care Services.jpg

Trust For Future Growth

If the lawn fertilized once a year, they do it in the fall. The reason? The leaves of the grass grow much more slowly, since the climate is cool, but the roots of grass and rhizomes will continue to grow rapidly. (Rhizomes are planted horizontal stems just below the soil surface, which produce grass leaves above the roots and below). An application of falling nutrient supply essential nutrients for the deep roots of the herb to grow now And reserve nutrients to keep you off to a healthy start next spring.

Wait until mid or late fall, then do a dry grass fertilizer on all lawns; Be careful not to lose any points. You can use a crank style spreader, but for optimal coverage, consider using a drop spreader behind. It takes a little longer, especially in mountainous sites, but Howell Lawn Care offers the best way to apply a uniform coat of fertilizer.

Complete Baldness

Autumn is also a good time of year to repair bare points, barefoot on the lawn. The quickest, easiest way to do this is with an all-in-one lawn repair mix. Available in stores and garden centers, this home mix contains grass seeds ready for use, a quick fertilizer special grass home and organic lining.

Use a garden rake to scrape loose soil at the peeled spot on your lawn. Then runs a thick layer of turf repair mix in the region. Gently mix the mixture, do it carefully and make sure that every two days for two weeks to rest water.

If wide blue weeds like dandelions have taken over your lawn, it’s time to fight. Weeds, such as most plants are in the mode of energy absorption during the fall. They drink everything that crosses their path, including herbicides. Apply a herbicide and now the weed does not come back in the spring.

Read package label for use. Lawn Care Howell recommend applying the herbicide during the early to mid-fall, when daytime temperatures are consistently above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.