Christmas lawn care marketing ideas

Even though the end of the year tends to bring a slow down in the amount of work you may be performing on lawns, it doesn’t mean you should sit back and chill out until next year. This is a great time to create some new holiday Howell Lawn Care material to send out and begin the process of drumming up business for next year. Let’s check out how one business owner is doing just that as he shared with us his holiday marketing methods on the gopher Timberline Landscaping.

He wrote “as my mowing season has been slowing down at the end of fall, it’s been a bit quiet here so I thought I’d have a go a updating my website and preparing for the new season ahead.

I’ve tried to keep it simple and basically update my website to promote all the services I offer. I was thinking about adding a feedback section or guest book kind of thing so customers and visitors could add comments or discussion on my work etc.

I’m also about to send Christmas cards and a fridge magnet calendar out to customers and just a card to people who I quoted for but didn’t get the business. The inside of the cards mention to visit my site for a discount, I am offering them 10% off any job they hire me to perform. The promotion ends 3/31 of next year.

I got the fridge magnet idea from visiting homes of customers and members of my family who happen to have fridge magnets from traveling or visits to places as some people like collecting them. This is the first time I’ve tried the Christmas card & fridge magnet marketing idea.

As a result of this I thought what an ideal opportunity for promotion as I figure lots of people like to have a calendar of some sort around the house, so why not a fridge magnet! After all, people are always going to the fridge or need to check the calendar for a date. So every time this happens they’re gonna see my advertisement and are more likely to give me a call first when their garden or lawn gets out of control.

This is another reason why I went for a 12 month ad in the local community magazines as well. People read the magazine all year long and they will see the my ads. If you are there month in and month out, people are more likely to see and remember it more than the advertisement that appears once….I believe this is known as TOMA (top of mind awareness). What that means is if you see a brand or advertisement enough times, your subconscious stores the information even if you are not looking for that product or service at the time, you are somehow familiar when you do require it.

I also sent them out before December as you’d like to be the first Christmas card they get this year and won’t get lost among st all the other ones that land on the doormat for Christmas. As for Christmas cards , it is method of thanking the lawn care customer either for their business for the past year or raising the awareness of those who didn’t give you the job this season. Toledo Lawns.

I designed and ordered the cards and fridge magnets online as there are plenty of printing shops that offer some good deals on cards and magnets at the this time of year.

In order to figure out which lawn care marketing method is performing the best, I do try to keep a track of where my referrals come from, but inevitable I sometimes forget to initially ask. From a quick review of my clients and where they got my contact information from I’d say that most have come from Google Adwords, 2nd would be the advertisements I placed in the community magazines, third is dropping my business card flyer through peoples mailboxes, and finally word of mouth at the current time.



Chicago has now reached the winter months which for many of us means that our routine lawn care is on hold until the spring. While it may seem like winter lawn care would be largely ineffective, there are actually several things you can do for your Lawn Mowing Brighton Township during even the coldest winters to help it grow back strong in the spring. This article includes the most effective winter lawn care tips that will benefit your lawn’s early season growth.

One effective strategy for winter Lawn Maintenance Brighton Township is fertilization. The lawns in Illinois and most of the Midwest are mostly comprised of cool season grasses and the best time to fertilize these grasses is in the late fall or early winter. During the summer, the soil loses plenty of nutrients which can be replaced with thorough fertilizer applications. It is best to apply fertilizer before the first freeze so that the nutrients in the fertilizer remain in the soil after the ground freezes and snow begins to fall. The roots will feed on these nutrients throughout the winter and grow back thicker in the spring.

Another way to help your lawn through the winter months is with proper mowing strategies late in the season. As the summer winds down, it is wise to gradually mow your lawn shorter and shorter by lowering the mower blade before each time you mow. Lawns keep better in the winter if the grass is shorter but cutting it all off at once could shock your lawn which is why it should be done gradually and also if you use Lawn Service Brighton Township. Keeping short grass at the end of the season protects new growth and also discourages pest infestations as field mice and other burrowing animals dig themselves into lawns with longer grass during the winter.

The final effective winter lawn care method is keeping your lawn free of debris and excessive foot traffic. After mowing your lawn for the last time of the season, you should clear your lawn of any and all debris. Objects that are left sitting on the grass for extended periods will stunt the growth of the grass with its weight and cause dead spots. This same thing can also happen with extensive foot traffic over areas of your lawn. Constant walking over the same areas of a lawn will beat down the soil and kill the grass, making it much more difficult for it to recover come spring. By simply keeping your lawn free of debris and excess foot traffic you can also try landscaping brighton township services to make your lawn beautiful., you give your lawn a much better chance of making a full recovery.

While lawn care tends to be forgotten about as lawns lay dormant in the winter, taking these simple steps can go a long way towards a full spring recovery. These tips are easy to do and are even more effective with extra fall preparation such as aeration and seeding. Performing these tasks effectively will allow you to spend much of the winter indoors as you wait for your lawn to recover in the spring.

Tips For Winter Lawn Care

In most of the country, the grass is dormant in winter. The racial season of the fresh season is often exceeded in the field of grass to maintain a Lawn Mowing Brighton Township. In the north it is too cold that the grass grows, so we wait patiently for the spring – sometimes under the snow cover, sometimes not. The care of the grass, however, is not entirely in winter.

Winter Lawn Care

1. Fertilize

Apply fertilizer with a spreader.

If you move the machine back and forth on the lawn, grasp the handle as a trigger and release the pellets when firing. Follow the instructions on the fertilizer package. Just adjust the recommended amount by Landscaping Lawn Brighton MI. Be careful because too much fertilizer can burn your grass.

2. Aerate the lawn

Provide some extra air for grass roots by listening to your lawn – to make dirt swords on your lawn to plant holes to sow seeds. You can rent a motorized aerator or a manual version.

3. Spread Cool-Weather Grass Seed

Buy grass seed that says “cold season” or “cool time” in the package, like most hinges. You can sprinkle the seed through the lawn with the same spreader you used for the fertilizer. Try to spread the seed evenly, so you will not get grass seeds later.

4. Stir and water the lawn

Drag a rake over the lawn to clean the bottom clogs and cover the seeds a bit. Water the grass with the hose spray.

Then keep the soil moist – do not let Lawn Service Brighton Township it dry.

More Winter Tips

Wipe it off. It is very important not to leave debris, leaves or toys on the lawn. These things can lubricate the grass, create disease conditions and invite insects, mice and other harmful pests.

Slowly cut the height of your mower with a hook or two (.5 “- 1.0”) a few times. Excessive long grass can avoid the disease causing the disease and the risk of frostbite and thaw damage. However, do not overlap the grass and screw to expose the crown of the plant to extreme conditions.

Note the traffic. Under the snow cover, or exposed to the elements, inactive grass will tolerate a moderate amount of traffic, but a heavily worn path will be slower to grow in the spring and to cause compaction.

Save time. Peat is very resistant and can tolerate an extreme winter, but certain conditions can be harmful in the long run. Perhaps it may be useful to extract a small exposed ice at a low point if you know that a winter storm is approaching or freezing.
Winters can often be unpredictable and can put your grass through some extreme Landscaping Brighton Township conditions during the winter. It is best to make sure that the grass heals, that it has good grass laid down, must control the weather and aims to build in the maintenance of its sidewalks and snowmen.

Lawn Care Tips For Late Summer

1. Type of weeds & geographic location

Find out what kind of grass you have before you start reading what kind of grass food to run. In many countries such as the United States see the plant site for the state and municipality. This helps determine the growing season for grass and shrubs and landscaping. It will also show information on water, land and light requirements in its geographical locations. Howell Lawn Care has a significant impact in this regard and has very reputation too.

2. Signs of anxiety

When you are referring to your planting area, now is the time to look at the climate of your lawn. The end of summer usually means hotter sunshine for the longest part of the day. Track the lawn to see some areas lack water or be attacked by insects or seasonal diseases. Consider hiring a groundbreaking service if you are not familiar with local emergency conditions that may support your gardens. Shade trees overhanging your home, and can help shade plants in your home that require the day, while those who are not protected, plants should be stable.

3. landscaping tips

For many households, especially in suburbs or areas with more stable elements of continuous grass – shrubs and flowers is a great option to continue to soften its country with texture. Look at your local nursery for plants growing in the sun or semi-shaded areas planted near the house. Shrub can withstand time throughout the year, not just summer. This ensures that your plants are maintained throughout the year. According to the Howell Landscaping flower shrubs are a great alternative to grass lawns as they give a variety of “show” colors throughout the year.

4. Soil test

If you find that your lawn does not grow or act like its neighbors, it can mean many things. A lawn care can be performed on a ground test or take other ways to improve your lawn. Directly around your home may lack enough nutrients, ph levels and other natural balances needed for healthy foundation development. Aerated periodically needed to grow or melt in its soil. This helps in the air over the earth and can help lawns in the need for greater stimulation of growth and healthy nutrients.

5. Solve problems next time

While you can not think of it, your lawn Passing cycles and all the work you are doing now, the result is not seen until next year, if not next year. Therefore, prepare your future summer lawn in preparation for the future. Many ants are common in hot climates. Every homeowner has their own way of treating pests: chemicals, natural solutions and other drugs are common. Howell Tree Service will suggest that whichever you choose, make sure that the first sign of the problems. Brown spots, dilution and chew of grass blades of grass pest signs that can ruin the lawn for the next season.

6. Selecting fertilizer for the late summer lawns

Her late summer grass needs another fall or winter vegetable lawn. Depending on whether you are trying to build a pit or fertilizer need to solve a problem, depending on your location, lawn situation and other local factors. Visit your nursery store or home improvement and take pictures of your lawn problem areas and can help you find the right fertilizer for your country. A “Weed and Feed” generic -A variety can be good for their neighbors, But pest control is required. Also, check out tips before buying and distributing fertilizer.

7. Attractive rustic country

For many homeowners who have a natural landscaping theme at home, a lawn can be fun. Wild flowers and shrubs still should be finished and cleaned to maintain a neat appearance in his country. Find out if your country’s mulch and gravel beds are closer to home and wild flowers and shrubs go far at home. It helps keep the intentions of his country without finishing their plants continuously. You may also hire Timberline Landscaping professionals if these are in your Michigan.

8. Be sure to cut correctly

While you may not think that lawn mowing may have an impact on the growth of your lawn or your health, think again. Mowing with a dull spray above the grass and show the poor and neglected mower. Grass cutting may result in too much sun to guarantee the root of your lawn and cause burns. Like a man with short hair no hat in direct sunlight – the same is true if the grass is cut too short or “extortion”. Make sure your mower is set to setting your lawn proper height.

Why should I make a plan for my landscape

Landscaping plans are more complex than just deciding what plants to buy and where to plant them. It is a holistic approach to landscape design, including the use of great ideas, including well, covered cape, patios, walkways, pools and ponds, as well as plants and other horticultural additives. If your goal is a beautiful landscape, plans then a solid Timberline Landscaping and the services of a designer worth the investment and the time they need.

Landscape Ideas

According to the Howell Lawn Care One of the main reasons that it is important to develop a landscape plan before visiting the local nursery, is that there are more aspects to landscape design than most owners realize. The possibilities are truly amazing. Pergolas, ponds, flower gardens, botanical gardens, landscape lighting, terraces, patios, walls, roads, irrigation, swimming pools, spas, bars, awnings and fencing just scraping the surface of what your options are Is.

An extension of your home

The list is long, and hopefully gives you a general idea of ​​what’s going on in a proper landscape plan and consider what you want to include in your overall design. Remember that the landscape is not just the trees and shrubs. It is an extension of your home. And if done properly, can give ideas through an experienced contractor as Howell Landscaping and make sure they are implemented correctly, your external landscape is a place of your home that you want to spend more time or more, then the interior.

Hire designer landscape

If you want to run a landscaping contractor for all your landscape plans to see you carry out, or just looking for a consultation before bootstrapping a project one of the professionals is landscape planning is a must. They not only give you valuable ideas, but can give you good advice on how to install landscape, integrate and design to enhance your satisfaction with them. It may seem like a small feature, but installing an irrigation system that uses irrigation, drip irrigation, automatic timers, and integrates them into a great placement and garden design, You can work and time to keep your garden almost all. Howell Tree Service will give you the best and exceptional services.

This is just one example of what landscape planning can do for you. Covering the design, lighting options, attractive roads and living rooms, a garden designer can turn your garden boring boring, tedious time into an impressive and attractive addition to your home . For the best of your plan, talk to a contractor for your startup options.